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Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me / 'Til then I walk alone--Greenday, 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams'

"Often the hearts of men and women are stirred, as likewise they are soothed in their sorrows more by example than by words. And therefore, because I too I have known some consolation from speech had with one who was a witness thereof, am I now minded to write of the sufferings which have sprung out of my misfortunes, for the eyes of one who, though absent, is of himself ever a consoler. This I do so that, in comparing your sorrows with mine, you may discover that yours are in truth nought, or at the most but of small account, and so shall you come to bear them more easily." --Peter Abelard, Historia Calamitatum


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Thursday, February 24, 2005

a malediction

Just because I have moved to another place doesn't mean I cannot go back. I admit, though, that it took me a very hard time to come back but I can't do anything because I want to scream. (As a matter of fact, I had screamed but the woman sitting next to me suffered from tinnitus and I had to rush her to the hospital, pay her bills, and placate her with bags of fish crackers. I can be overly humane sometimes, you know.) 

To describe what I felt three days ago as crucifyingly painful would be an understatement. I was a mass of exposed nerve endings and each second the pain increased. Never mind knowing what the source of pain was--you will only hurt yourself as the details would surely prompt you to bang your heads on the nearest available wall, segue into a homicidal rage, and drink cyanide from coffee cups.

At this time I want to make a statement for The Guy Who Saw Tomorrow But Never Knew What It Was: You pig! You intergalactic blockheaded pillar of testosterone! Get lost and never return to pester me with your lack of social skills and intelligence! I burst my pimples at you and fart in your general direction!

That last line, I must point out, comes from the Monty Python Troupe, the most prolific source of put-downs. And now I must depart because my vocal cords need exercise.

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

closing remarks

I looked at my self in the mirror last night and saw a man whose life has been nothing but full of pretensions, wild imaginings, and--dare I say it--shit. And so I decided to change my self, to become more strong, more vicious, more neurotic. With this assumption of a new personality comes a change of a new home, a new blog.

I am now leaving my old self. All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go. See you when you get there.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Close all other browser windows, sit on the chair, move your face towards the monitor, and pull the curtains down.

After five seconds you realize, of course, that you should've not done what I told you to do, nyahaha. After all, this isn't about the male copulatory organ. This is about my friends' friendster testimonials. Testis is an appropriate title for it is the plural of 'testi,' a concatenation of 'testimonial.'

Anyhoo, here are some of those testis...

From Erlee: a devil in disguise.a scary, annoying,vulgar and disgusting megalomaniac.a terrorist,harasser and a critic.a real devil.but despite all these things and the likes,he remains to be my great big friend.we laugh a lot,criticize things,love men,drink beer,smoke,eat.we share a lot of ideas and interests and are lazy most of the time.after all,we are devils.

From Julie Ann: sayo saak mga sangkay nga wara ak baya-i sa mga panahon nga napraning ak ( sa mga gugma na deri angay, hehehe). biskan adi naak sa langyaw ada la gihapon siya para saak (cra ni Be. gin huna2 ko kun pira im nagastos sadto sa net cafe saat ka-cha-chat??hehehe). siya an kauna-unahan nga tawo nga nahibaro san nag burublag an busag sa di-kolor. =) bugto siya saak dati nga gin higugma (1st year college pa daw ak sadto. hiyay! hehehe). dako nga salamat sa ngatanan nga pag hinumdom ngan oras nga gin hatag mo saak. tapuri nga adi ak pirme para saim.
gin hihiguma ko ikaw akon sangkay!pag hinay pirme.

From Aireen: 'tong taong to isa sa mga "living legend" ng uep... kaya niya umubos ng isang kahang redhorse ng di niya nalalaman hehe. he is an amazing crtitic. he's as smart as hell at kaya niyang i-terrorize ang isang isang pedicab driver pag di binabalik ang sukli.... bakit daw di xa pina inom ng promil nung siya'y 2 pa lang ang ngipin. He is mutilingual at iba ibang accent pa kaya niya, mapa
laoang man o mapanas o palapag. he wrote one of the greatest love letters there is. medyo scrupulous siya pagdating sa pag ibig. ang cute cute nito pag pina pout ung lips niya tapos sinisingkit yung mata niya hahaha. before siya umalis he declared himself '22, single & unemployed..' punta daw siya mindanao & i wonder kung binala na siya sa kanyon. hinahanap pa rin niya siguro sarili niya pero di niya daw makita..

From Grace: sus matamay and mataray ini cia hehehe.. lalo na sa iya mga kaaway!!! tapos mayda pa gud ini siya tawag sa halos tanan na pipol.. ambot kun nano a tawag niya sa ak.. basta
makalirisang nga names a gin-aassociate niya sa mga importante nga tawo nga liribakon hahaha pero wag ka, pag abot man sa acads!! grabeh!!! bow ak sini sa iya!! cum laude ini! BS MATH ha!!! tapos wara pa cia siton pagaram!!! dyosko kun nagbasa pa daw iton libro, maxima cum laude cgurado!!! ini liwat c peter grabeh bilib ak sa vocabulary!! makarit liwat ini pagabot sa public speaking!! lalo na cguro kun private hehehe tapos a memory, grabeh!!! pirdi a capacity sa computer!!!

From Pfizer Ivy: a REAL WIZZ KID!!! hehehe... i didn't know why peter came to be very good in math when in fact when we were in first year high skul she got a straight 2.5 in ALGEBRA!!! hehehe. that counts for a testi!! nyahahaha.......peter, how did you do it?! She's a very good conversationalist!
everyone would enjoy to hear her viewpoints....she's pretty....and sexy.... man ini hiya before...
nyahahaha. don't know how he got stucked in their kitchen... nanggigil siguro sa fuds in their fridge in collage. what is? living with her parents. Mucho gud ha kaon! peter is one of my good friends in high skul...i remember she's one the most mataray in campus at Pisay but ul really luv her company

From Christalyn: mabuhay ka kaibigan! pinagmamalaki kita. dahil sa iyo ko nahubog ang isang pangarap na mararating lamang ng mapagkunwaring panahon.walang sino man ang katulad mo.ang Diyos Ama ang naghatid sa iyo para magligtas ng sangkatauhan.mga taong nasira na ng pagkakataon.mabuhay ka!ipagpatuloy ang paghatid ng mensahe.mahal kita kaibigan.nag iisa ka.

From Greta: very extraordinary specie. i am so glad i knew him coz he is full of life.... i don't know if he know it, but he really is. there's a lot of adjectives that describes him. he is coolest, funkiest,
prettiest, bizzairing, annoying, intelligent and craziest animal ever created in the whole damn world. so whoever crosses his path will die on-the-spot laughing!!!!hahahahahaha............. there's no
replacement for him..... take him as he is, and he'll take ur goddam life to heaven and hell.

From Alyosha: brought joy, fun, and hapines onto my hayskul lyf...we were dormm8s then. she's a certified prankster!:) our dorm gets chaotic the moment she arrives. she is a very outgoing person, fun-loving, energetic, talented, nd genius...a very brilliant, intelligent person esp in math! she's
afraid of the dark (hop u wer able to overcome it). a person u wud love to kip for the rest lyf!

And finally...
From Yarah: he exudes the charisma of being attractive to men.....and has the moral strength to resist them....!!!that makes him real good , gorgeous, and fabulous!!!!

Posted at 07:23 pm by webbedfat
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